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IT Products, Consulting and Services Organization focusing on building pragmatic value from data. Our unified data management platform unites Data Integration, Data Quality, Master Data and Data Stewardship for developing an efficient and effective data science solution requires combining several technologies for data storage, Data management, Data modeling and Data visualization..

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An advanced CDR/IPDR + Any Data solution which is horizontally as well as vertically scalable. It provides a feature-rich desktop environment built on a Big Data or Small Data platform – depending on the end-user needs for real-time, near-real-time, offline or any other mode of operation.



An advanced surveillance system catering to the needs of security and other agencies that require persistent coverage over a defined geographic perimeter – both by day & by night, in all weather conditions. Internet of Things (IoT) offers interoperability and connectivity between devices, systems, services, networks and in particularly control systems.



Identify the hidden knowledge Nibodha is a frequency spectrum analyzer hardware. This helps in facilitating the identification of various mobile cell sites covering the geography. Let that be 2G/ 3G or 4G, it does the radio scan and shares the details of all telecom operator cell sites catering the area.. Yes, this device don't even has a SIM card in it and it works like a universal operator base.



A composite solution to improve, monitor, track and ensure transparency and governance in the delivery of social-sector aid to various strata of society. Test case successfully piloted for Skill Development Department in the Ministry of Social Welfare, in the State Govt. of Rajasthan. Aadhar-based, cloud hosted, networked, smart authentication & monitoring systems with in-built analytics & facial recognition ensures complete transparency and zero leakage of revenue, thereby ensuring the precise delivery & invoicing of social sector services. End-to-end blockchain encryption ensures non-repudiation at all levels of operations by various hierarchies of the Govt.

Our Services

Master Data & Management

MDM allows organizations to easily model and master any reference data, in any domain without constraints. The unified data management platform unites Data Integration, Data Quality, Master Data and Data Stewardship all through a single Eclipse-based development environment. MDM tools unify all data—from customers to products to suppliers and beyond—into a single, actionable “version of the truth.” Turn your master data into business value with one solution.

We expertise in: Talend MDM, Tibco MDM, Hadoop, Spark, Mongo DB

Analytics & Insights Presentation

Analytics must illuminate business conditions, sentiment and directional changes over time. Insights are what humans make from analytics - once you have data and perform the analysis, you have the knowledge to form insights and change your actions or responses. Analytics Insight features news and insights on business intelligence, analytics and data management, including big data, IoT, cloud computing, and more.

Proficiency with OBIEE, OBIAPPS, Informatica, Power BI, PySpark, Spark R, Tableau, d3, Qlikview

Big Data Capabilities

Enterprise with digital move are generating large dataset in zeta bytes both internally within the enterprise and externally on the web, however trying to find an effective insight in veracious ways to improve the business opportunities. Our experts help client to uncover hidden patterns, unknown correlations, market trends, customer preferences and other useful business information. These analytical findings lead to more effective marketing, new revenue opportunities, better customer service, improved operational efficiency, competitive advantages over competitive organizations and other business benefits.

Proficiency with Hadoop, Spark, Hive, Impala, Hbase, Cassandra, Tableau, Predictive Modelling using Python.

Data Integration & Quality

Data integration is the process of combining data from several different sources into a unified view, making it more actionable and valuable to those accessing it. Organizations across all professional fields establish data integration initiatives to analyze their data more effectively, which helps improve strategic decision making and increase the competitiveness of a business. Even if a company is receiving all the data it needs, that data will most often reside in a number of separate data sources. Information from all of those different sources often needs to be pulled together for analysis, and that can be no small task for a professional trying to create a report or make an informed management decision

We expertise in: Informatica, Talend, Oracle EDQ ,Oozie, Airflow

Product Development

Big Data has created substantial opportunities for developing products aligned with consumer demands, forecasting their profitability, and production. Big Data can help transforming big data into actionable consumer insights, develop new products and improve existing ones. Using big data to improve your internal efficiencies, whether in manufacturing, research and development or employee performance, can help identify the exact issues that plague your business and also streamline them for a future ready business.

We expertise in: Java, Data Migration Factory, Custom ETL & Visualizations

Support & Managed Service

We provide Dedicated as well as Shared Service Model

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Pragmalytics Technologies is the exclusive data analytics subsidiary of NdimensionZ Solutions Pvt Ltd - the 12-year old technology company based @ Smart City, Kochi, Kerala. The parent company is ISO9001,ISO27001 and PCI certified Level 1 service provider and caters wide spectrum technology services including web/app development, data centre managed services.

We are specialized in (big) data analytics, data science and consulting services. Depending on the client’s needs, we use a variety of tools and technologies to offer the best possible solution

Data Science & Analytics

Developing an efficient and effective data science solution requires combining several technologies for data storage and management, Data modeling and Data visualization.

Social Media Analytics

Real-Time reporting and execution of models, algorithms and machine learning driven decisions making a full end to end service, or can integrate our technology with existing processes and partners.

SQL Server Data Warehousing

A powerful and modern data warehousing tool performs in-database R analytics, consolidate disparate data sources. Our longtime experience with SQL Server platform combined with the data analytics knowledge enable us to offer quick and inexpensive data warehousing solutions.

Data Integration solutions

Talend Data Integration solutions cover all types of integration needs, ranging from basic transformations to the most complex operational integration issues. We offer robust enterprise data integration solutions like Master Data Management (MDM) solutions, Data Quality solutions.

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